Managing Director
BNY Mellon
2012 - Present

Currently leading the design and development of core engine of Business Application Monitoring tool within BNY Mellon. The application is capable of monitoring billions of activities spanning multiple systems and applications. This tool provides real time summary of business activities and insights to operations managers and upper management .This would enable managers to make better informed business decisions, quickly address problem areas, and re-position organizations to take full advantage of emerging opportunities.

Managing Director
2009 - 2012

In this role, I worked on many strategic projects including the conversion of customer facing portal from WebSphere Portal to Liferay Portal. As an extension, I led the first design and implementation of BNY Mellon mobile app. I worked through the entire process of defining this strategy and then eventually releasing this application to Apple appstore successfully. The mobile app had 2 factor authentication which used device signature along RSA Adaptive Authentication for additional security. Other projects included implementation of Extreme Scale for caching all entitlements spread across many disparate databases and centralizing them in a single cache for portal to get the data quickly and efficiently.

Vice President - Enterprise Architect Bank of New York Mellon
October 2007 – June 2009

In this role, I was the architect for reporting platform. I defined a new architecture which removed the dependency from vendor specific reporting platform ( Actuate/Business Objects ). I created a new data collection layer which removed the normal practice of embedding the business specific query from reports to a java based layer. This architecture formed the basis of all reporting platform within the bank. I was awarded Distinguished Engineer of year 2009 in BNY Mellon.


95 %
Enterprise Service Bus, CEP, Business Application Monitoring
55 %
Big Data Analytics
95 %
Enterprise Portal
70 %
Enterprise Mobile Application - Android/IOS
75 %


6 months
Data Analytics

Harvard Extension School

University of Massachusetts, Boston | MS Computer Science

The emphasis of this program was on Java and distributed applications. The course work included Software Engineering, Compilers, Data Structures and Computer Architecture. The final project included simulating elevator movement in Java 1.0 and AWT.

Masters in Engineering (Hydrology)

I worked on NASA’s Earth Observing System (EOS) funded project. NASA EOS is a coordinated series of polar-orbiting and low inclination satellites for long-term global observations of the land surface, biosphere, solid Earth, atmosphere, and oceans. The purpose of thesis was to use the data generated by satellites. A numerical model was developed to predict soil moisture using rainfall and satellite data.

1988 - 1992
Punjab Engineering College | BE

Bachelors in Engineering ( Civil Engineering )